100 Year Party


UK based and produced by couple Azumi and David. Humorous and surrealist clothing and accessories.


Berlin based label by Christian Kurt and Anne Hilken. Unique, unisex silhouettes and innovative prints. 


LA based and produced label of designer Yuka Izutsu. Casual, comfortable loungewear.


Zurich and NYC based label of Veronika Brusa. Elegant basics with an androgynous appeal. 


NYC based and produced by siblings Vera and Daphne Correll. Luxurious adaptations of traditional handicraft.


Los Angeles based design duo specializing in cut-and-sewn socks.


Japan based and produced. Luxurious basics designed for easy layering.


Wutong Village, China based and produced label of design couple Fiona Lau and Kain Picken. Collaboratively created clothing and accessories. Centered on art and design.


LA based knitwear label from designer Hannah Byun. Turning the mundane and practical into the magical.


Los Angeles based and produced label by Kieley Kimmel. Clothing meant to provide food for thought. 


NYC based and produced label from Jenny Lai. Functional, wearable performance.


Berlin based label of designer Svenja Specht. Assemblage design informed by traditional clothing and handicraft and everyday modern life. 


NY based label of Swedish designer Carin Rodebjer. Relaxed viewpoint with focus on versatility and wearability.


LA based and produced label by designer Sydney Brown. Ethically sourced and manufactured footwear with no animal products.


NYC based and produced by designer Wing Yau. Contemporary minimalist adornments.