100 Year Party

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UK based and produced by couple Azumi and David. Humorous and surrealist clothing and accessories.


Berlin based label by Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt. Unique, unisex silhouettes and innovative prints. 


LA based and produced label of designer Yuka Izutsu. Casual, comfortable loungewear.


Zurich and NYC based label of Veronika Brusa. Elegant basics with an androgynous appeal. 


NYC based brand by Carla Robertson. Unisex eyewear design informed by geometry, minimalism, and retro futurism.


Brooklyn based clothing label of designer Christine Alcalay. Relaxed feminine silhouettes and charismatic prints.


NYC based and produced by siblings Vera and Daphne Correll. Luxurious adaptations of traditional handicraft.


Lithuania based and produced. The beauty of imperfection.


Madrid based knitwear brand. Modern basics ethically made to last.


Singapore based label by designer Sabrina Goh. Distinctive, wearable silhouettes that balance the feminine and masculine, symmetry and asymmetry.


Montreal based namesake label of Eve Gravel. Casual, versatile, layerable clothes with a nod toward unconventional details.


NYC based label by Louis Decicco and Mari Ouchi. Wearables that merge the worlds of design, fashion, interiors, and architecture with a healthy helping of humour. 


Wutong Village, China based and produced label of design couple Fiona Lau and Kain Picken. Collaboratively created clothing and accessories. Centered on art and design.


LA based knitwear label from designer Hannah Byun. Turning the mundane and practical into the magical.


New Zealand based label, founded by Gosia Piatek.  The principals of ethical and sustainable production and practices inform everything from seed to garment.


NYC based label. Envelope pushing, always evolving, and never, ever forgetting to have fun.


Barcelona based & produced project by designer Paloma Lanna. A collaborative, multi-disciplinary (art, design, performance, photography) clothing line. 


Berlin based label of designer Svenja Specht. Assemblage design informed by traditional clothing and handicraft and everyday modern life. 


Byron Bay, Australia based footwear label. Simplicity, comfort, and ease.


Namesake Danish label of Stine Goya. Wearable, mix-and-match print and colour.


Unisex shoes handmade in Mexico, inspired by beach life


NYC based label of Wray Cook. Easy, eye-catching pieces informed by art and design.